Lane Street Project: save Black spaces.

If you’re in Wilson this Tuesday or Thursday, and have some spare time, and want to help right a wrong, please join me at Odd Fellows/Rountree cemeteries.

It won’t be a clean-up — the situation is too bad for that — but with hand pruners and loppers and spades, we can beat back the ridiculous edges and clear spaces around the existing stones. (And, with luck, find more.)

These are your people.

There are three gravemarkers in this photo, taken this morning in Odd Fellows cemetery. Ben Mincey’s fire hydrant is at right. His father Prince Mincey’s is in the middle, and his brother Oscar Mincey’s is at left.

I’ll be there Tuesday from about 10-1, and Thursday a bit longer. It’ll be cold, but sunny. BRING YOUR MASKS and a useful hand tool. I hope to see you there. 


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