North Carolina Genealogical Society’s 2020 Award for Excellence in Web Presence!

This is a profound honor and further inspiration to keep doing the work of documenting the shoulders we stand on.

Heartfelt thanks to North Carolina Genealogical Society; to Tracy Thompson McPherson for the nomination; to all who take the time to read Black Wide-Awake; to all who have contributed stories, photographs, documents, comments, and questions; and, of course, above all, to the ancestors.


  1. Hello Lisa, CONGRATULATIONS on your latest Achievement.
    Destiny and Endeavor are Lovers. Congratulations!!!!

    Keep And Spread The Faith,
    Leroy Barnes

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  2. Congratulations Lisa on a Well Deserved Award!!!!

    Thank you so much for all your hard work and information placed on the website in regards to our family history (Stewart & Best ancestors)!! Keep up the Great Work!!

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  3. Congratulations! Your posts have added so much new information to my Battle family research. All your effort is greatly appreciated. I am so happy you have gotten this recognition.

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