Black Wide-Awake turned 5.

… last week, on October 5.

I mentioned on last year’s anniversary that I’d originally intended to create “at least three location-specific sites into which I would pour all the ‘extra’ that I uncovered in the course of my genealogical research. All the court records and photographs and newspaper clippings that did not pertain directly to my people, but documented the lives of the people who built and nurtured (or disrupted) the communities in which they lived.”

It hasn’t happened. As of today, Black Wide-Awake is an astonishing 2880 posts deep, and I feel I’ve barely scratched the surface. To honor my original intentions, though, over the next year, I will give over the blog, a week at time, to the three other North Carolina counties I know best, and maybe a fourth if I think I can do it justice. 

Stay tuned for Iredell County in November. In the meantime, as always, thanks so much for your boundless support and encouragement of Black Wide-Awake. Here’s to five more years of filling in the gaps!

Best regards,

Lisa Y. Henderson, a Mercy Baby.


  1. Congratulations Lisa! I was introduced to your work barely a year ago and I have thoroughly enjoyed and have been inspired by the rich history you have revealed about my beloved home town, Wilson. I look forward to your future work!
    Diann Dawson


  2. Appreciate all that you are doing for the history and family research in your areas/locations.
    Time consuming, and your devotion for the research is enjoyed by all.
    Many thanks


  3. I found your blog on a Facebook post and subscribed immediately. I read every post up here in Northern Ohio and feel like I am studying the history and human nature from your area. I really enjoy reading most of the posts and the others draw on my heart. You have truly created a wonderful archive of information.

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