Corner Line Primitive Baptist Church, revisited.

I was on my way to Saratoga when I spotted a road sign for Cornerline Place and thought of this old church. The first post about Corner Line Primitive Baptist Church relied on Google Maps for a relatively recent photo. The up-to-date situation reveals not just the expected decay of an abandoned church, but quite intentional depredation as well.

Here is Corner Line straight on. At left, a collapsed wooden building, one room wide, with a gabled front.

The church’s plywood sign has rotted beyond help. As noted, Corner Line held worship services only once a month.

The church’s front doors are gone. As is half its floor, which, based on the straight cut across its width, appears to have been scavenged. The back of the church shows ordinary damage, collapsed ceilings from a rotting roof. The church’s original tongue-and-groove beadboard is visible under the wall’s faux paneling and sheetrock ceiling. Look closely at bottom left. That stump may have been one of the original posts supporting the church’s floor.

Corner Line Primitive Baptist, 2020.


  1. Corner Line… my maternal family’s old church. It holds many family memories. It saddens me that it has decayed. Thanks for the update on Corner Line.

  2. This is so sad, and such a waste really… Who owns the land, and why is the local government allowing for this, i would think historically significant building, to rot like this? I mean, it has to be a safety hazard…

  3. I attended that church as a kid with my grandmother Dorothy Allen, and my two great aunt’s Annie Ellis, and Beulah Ellis. My great grandma Anna Ellis was a member when the church first started.

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