Take them down, too.

Here are Wilson’s two Confederate monuments. The clock is ticking.


XConfederate monument


“Although Confederate monuments are sometimes designated as historic, and while many were erected more than a century ago, the National Trust [for Historic Preservation] supports their removal from our public spaces when they continue to serve the purposes for which many were built—to glorify, promote, and reinforce white supremacy, overtly or implicitly.

“While some have suggested that removal may result in erasing history, we believe that removal may be necessary to achieve the greater good of ensuring racial justice and equality. And their history needs not end with their removal: we support relocation of these monuments to museums or other places where they may be preserved so that their history as elements of Jim Crow and racial injustice can be recognized and interpreted.”

Read National Trust’s full Statement on Confederate Monuments: http://ow.ly/JMUD50AbAuR

Photos, Wilson, June 2020.


  1. As a child in Wilson during the 1950s and 1960s, the downtown monument brings back unforgettable memories. Specifically, I remember in that very spot was 2 water fountains- one on the left side labeled FOR WHITES and one on the right side labeled FOR COLOREDS……Even water!

    1. I believe COLORED was on the left in the longer chiseled-out area. The fountains were removed around the time I was born, I think, but the monument’s principal purpose remains.

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