Pitt County’s oldest citizen.

More about Cromwell Bullock, known as “Crummell,” who lived at various times in the areas of Wilson, Edgecombe and Pitt Counties between the towns of Saratoga and Fountain.

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Greenville News, 23 April 1919.


Some notes:

  • Plymouth is in Washington County, North Carolina, east of Wilson County near the coast.
  • The 1860 slave schedule of Edgecombe County, North Carolina, lists Joshua K. Bullock as the owner of 50 enslaved people, including a 40 year-old male described as mulatto who might have been Cromwell.
  • Cromwell Bullock and Charity Farmer were married, though not legally, well prior to Emancipation. In 1866, they recorded their 17-year cohabitation in Wilson County.
  • The farm he purchased was likely in far southeastern Edgecombe County, near the Pitt County border. (I need to search further for a definitive location.)
  • Polly Wooten was Cromwell Bullock’s third wife. He was married briefly to a woman named Fannie between his first wife’s death in 1893 and his marriage to Polly in 1903.
  • I have only been able to identify ten children: John Bullock, Nathaniel Bullock, Cromwell Bullock Jr.Caroline Bullock Moore James White, Milly Bullock Scarborough, Peter Bullock, Harry Bullock, Jesse Bullock, Dempsey Bullock, and Leah Bullock Moore.


  1. Wow I’ve been doing alot of research lately even talking with family members about our family history background! my great grandmothers name was Mabel Lee Bullock until she married and her fathers name was James Bullock his father was Cromwell Bullock Jr. and his mother/father was Charity Farmer Bullock/Cromwell Bullock Sr. So I guess that makes this man my Great Great Great Great Grandfather all of this backed through the Census and documents I’ve came across in my research this is amazing please help me learn and find out more about my family history if can

    1. curmell bullock sr is my grand mother, sattie harris, great ganddad, to learn more, pull up bullock cemetery, edgecombe county nc, it is near fountain nc, there is two cemetery beside each other, the other is buddy hemey, my email is earl73501@hotmail.com. hope this help,

  2. Wow! This is is amazing I’ve been researching my family history and asking family members questions along with looking at census and records come to find out my great grandmothers name was name Mabel Lee Bullock before she was married. Her father was James Bullock his father was Cromwell Bullock Jr. and his mother/father was Charity Farmer Bullock/Cromwell Bullock Sr. Which makes this man my great great great great grandfather this is so amazing I truly believe everything is validated please correct me if wrong but this is great to learn! please help me learn more of my family background if possible

  3. My great grandmother was Sattie Bullock, and her father was Peter Bullock who was the son of Cromwell and Charity. So Cromwell is my great great great grandfather. I am so proud and grateful to be part of this family lineage. I seek to know more. I believe that Cromwell was a slave and sold to Joshua Bullock. I would be interested in knowing how Cromwell acquired the land that he owned.

    1. go to, black wide awake, and put in search box, cromwell bullock, he brough the land when was sat free, 425 acres at 6.50 a acres, the family cemetery is on the land, bullock cemetery, edgecombe county nc, it have name of o;der family member.

  4. My grandmother is Majorie Bullock Atkinson her oldest Brother was Tom , twin sisters flossie and Doosie, aunt Ida spieght. Trying to find out my great grandfather name so I can determine his father’s name. I’m related to the farmers and wootens

    1. Your great grandfather was Jesse Bullock. Ida, Tom, Flossie and Doosie are his children. Jesse Bullock is the son of Cromwell (Crummel) Bullock and Charity Farmer. Marjorie Bullock married Walter Atkinson on February 16, 1944. There was Kenny, Geraldine and Walter Jr. living with your Great grandmother Betty (Jesse Bullock wife) in 1950… Hope this helps. There are more information in my group on Facebook. Your Great Grandfather and my Great Grandfather was brothers!

  5. Also my grandmother parents were killed in a car crash when she was young. All of the children were willed land…. my grandmother’s property is on lynch street in Foutian NC and its been in our family for 100 years:)

  6. My great mother is Ora Bullock Mitchell. She is a child of John S. Bullock and Bettie Moore. Cromwell and Charity would be my great great great grandparents. Ora lived in the Speights Bridge area. My grandmother, Annie, was her oldest child. Ora is buried in the Mitchell Cemetery in Appie, NC.

    1. HI Angela,
      We may be related. I believe Annie is my mother’s aunt. Annie’s sister, Ora “Edwina” Mitchell (married Richard Artis and James Edwards) moved to San Diego and is my grandmother. Several years ago, my mother and her sisters attended their Aunt Minerva’s (Evans) 100th birthday celebration in North Carolina. Does any of this sound familiar?

      1. Yes. Cheryl we are related. I grew up with grandma Annie. She and aunt Minerva were very close and the last of the living siblings. Annie died at 96. I have a picture of your grandmother when she was very young that is a left from my granny’s pictures. Aunt Edwina was a beautiful lady. Let’s connect. My email is Angelaalln@aol.com. We can send personal phone numbers privately.

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