What happened to Wiggins Street?

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Wilson Daily Times, 19 September 1968.

Several posts have referenced the disappearance of Wiggins Street, which once ran from the Atlantic Coast Line railroad to Stantonsburg (now Pender) Street, broke for a block, then resumed at Manchester to merge with Wainwright Avenue at Reid Street.

Wiggins Street per the 1922 Sanborn fire insurance map of Wilson, N.C.

The planned route shown in the Daily Times in September 1968 was approved, and Wiggins disappeared under an extension of Hines Street from South Lodge through what was then Factory Street, over the railroad, and on to a merger with East Nash Street.


  1. lived smack dab in the middle of plot 269 on the west side of the street ( 208 ) Manchester. the portion that was blocked in stantonsburg to Manchester was known back in the day as ” the path. ” no street lights over grown vegetation , when it rained littered with ” mud holes ” that were fun to play in as a pre-adolescent youth. from wiggins to suggs street moving towards the school yard would pool with water if it rained longer than 10 minutes. in the summer times after the rained ceased children would roll up their pant legs and romp through the flooded streets that oft times came up half way between the ankles and knees. the waters would usually pool for about 15 minutes. even today in the 500 block of Manchester waters will pool. oh what great times.

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