Little Yevette Sellers passes.

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Wilson Daily Times, 5 January 1945.

Just a few days into 1945, seven year-old Yevette Coridian Sellers died of acute food poisoning. Her neighbors and schoolmates at Sam Vick Elementary served as pallbearers and flower bearers at her funeral at Saint John A.M.E. Zion. She was buried in Rest Haven cemetery.


  • Yevette C. Sellers
  • Leah Ford
  • Liston Sellers — Liston Sellers registered for the World War II draft in Wilson County. Per his registration card, he was born 23 October 1916 in Wake County, North Carolina; lived at 910 Green Street, Wilson; his contact was wife Leah Sellers; and he worked for Dick Punch at O’Brien Factory, Wilson.
  • W.A. Hilliard — in 1942, William Alexander Hilliard registered for the World War II draft in Wilson County. Per his registration card, he was born 14 September 1904 in Greenville, Texas; was a minister in the A.M.E. Zion Church serving in Wilson; resided at 119 Pender Street; and his contact was Mrs. Veta Watson, 2449 Woodland Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri.
  • O.J. Hawkins — Rev. Obra J. Hawkins.
  • Rudolph Farmer — Nelson Rudolph Farmer was born 1933 to Paul Farmer and Cora Rountree Farmer.
  • Chas. Bynum — Charles Bynum.
  • Russell Wingate — Russell Winford Wingate was born in 1928 to Luther C. Wingate and Mamie Daniel Wingate.
  • Reddick Henderson — Rederick Caswell Henderson was born in 1934 to Hattie M. Henderson and Roderick Taylor.
  • Jesse Davis — Jesse Lee Davis was born in 1932 to Clinton Davis and Alliner Sherrod Davis.
  • George Brodie — George Thomas Brodie was born in 1931 to George Brodie and Elma Tabron Brodie.
  • Thomas Peacock — Thomas Levi Peacock was born in 1928 to Levi Peacock and Eloise Reaves Peacock.
  • Cornelius Moye — Carnelius Bryant Moye was born in 1931 to Fred Lee Moye and Esther Battle Moye.
  • Leatrice Speights — Leatrice Speight was born in 1937 to Doll Speight and Lula Mae Barnes Speight.
  • Selma Brown — Selma Lee Brown was born in 1937 to George Brown and Lea Davis Brown.
  • Helen Barnes — Helen Barnes was born in 1934 to Boisey and Flossie Howard Barnes.
  • Vilma Dew — Vilma Dew born to Earnest Dew and Geneva Wynn Dew.
  • Joyce Walker
  • Shirlie Best — Shirley Yvonne Best was born in 1934 to Thelma Best.
  • Clara Cannon — Clara Cannon was born in 1936 in James Cannon and Deborah Patterson Cannon.
  • Evangeline Reid — Edith Evangeline Reid.
  • Fay Bryant — Fay Gwendolyn Bryant was born in 1935 to Willie Bryant and Sarah Thomas Bryant.
  • Jeane Bryant — Jean Willette Bryant was born in 1934 to Willie Bryant and Sarah Thomas Bryant.
  • Joan Bynum — Joan Gregory Bynum was born in 1933 to Graham Bynum and Catherine Whitehead Bynum.
  • Bettie Jean Handy — Bettie Jean Handy was born 1937 to Alexander Handy and Daisy Woodard Handy.
  • Patricia Garner
  • Hattie Margaret Henderson — Hattie Margaret Henderson was born in 1936 to Hattie M. Henderson and Roderick Taylor.


  1. The Patricia Garner listed is the granddaughter of Lydia Meeks Grissom Coley and Herman Nadies (sic) Grissom; the daughter of Vivian Grissom Garner. My mom, Patricia, was living in Wilson with her grandmother while Vivian was working for the Federal Government in Chicago.

    My grandmother’s two sisters, Dorothy Grissom Parker and Ruth Grissom found out that their sister had a daughter after a brief marriage: My mother was born and raised in Philadelphia by family friends — no one in Wilson knew of her existence until Dorothy and Ruth “kidnapped” my mother from her front yard and brought her back to Wilson.

    At the time of this funeral, she was attending that AME Zion Church – the family were members from the time Herman and Lydia were married – Dorothy, Vivian, and Ruth were christened there and their funerals (that I arranged) were all at that church.

    Debra Moore Winfrey

    1. Thank you, Debra, for identifying your mother in this post and for sharing a bit of her remarkable story! If you have old photos of the Grissoms, I’d love to feature them!

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