Lane Street Project: cemeteries in the flood plain.

From the website of the Wilson County GIS/Mapping Office, a map showing the flood plain of Sandy Creek. As is obvious from the drifts of trash littering the low-lying rear of Rountree cemetery, much of this graveyard is regularly underwater. The same holds for the southeast quadrant of Odd Fellows cemetery and nearly all of the section of Rountree across Lane Street.

Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 8.32.14 PM.png


  1. Lisa, I visited the Lane St. graveyard areas on 9-12-20. Did you say in an earlier post that the cemetery entrance that was erected near Odd Fellows Cemetery was incorrectly named? I think I am clear about where Oddfellows Cemetery is which still has some headstones, correct?
    If so, please distinguish Rountree and Vick Cemeteries. Thanks.

    1. Odd Fellows has a cleared area near the road, but extends back into the woods. Vick is the large cleared field to the right of the entrance. Rountree is completely wooded and is on an acre adjacent to Odd Fellows on the side closer to MLK Blvd.

      1. YES…I had to…it was the absolute least that I could do after finding out so much about the diligence of our people to bury their own …despite then and now. I honor the spirit of my family members and loved ones of others out there including those who paved the way to build a resting place for a people who had to carve out a place of their own even in swampy circumstances. Lord, have mercy!

  2. Lisa, please keep me connected to any future efforts that you might hear of to clean/ maintain these cemeteries. I read an earlier post wherein one person asked about possible grant assistance of some kind.

    At the very least, is it possible to ask the City of Wilson to place a NO DUMPING Sign near the entrance??

    The trash dumping is despicable!!! Thanks again and again for all that you do.

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