Say Their Names.

The closing day of Black History Month is the opening day of Say Their Names: Reclaiming Wilson, North Carolina’s Slave Past. I’m immensely honored to have been invited by Wilson’s science and history museum, Imagination Station, to curate this exhibit, which grew from a talk I gave at Wilson County Public Library a few years ago.

Say Their Names will be on display through the end of 2020, and I hope you’ll get to Wilson before then to see it. I’d love to see you on opening day, too, when I’ll be there to greet and thank you.


  1. I’ll be there on the 29th taking photos for the newspaper! 🙂
    (Is there a set time for a formal opening of the exhibit that day? Will you be giving opening remarks?)

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      1. I’ll check with Brooke! (The reason I asked is that I was given vague details about the day, mainly “it’s 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.” I wanted to narrow it down a little bit.) 😉

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