Snaps, no. 60: Connie Freeman Banks.

The identity of this woman is unknown, though she appears to be standing in front one of O. Nestus Freeman‘s stone-clad buildings. The photograph is found in the O.N. Freeman Family Collection, and a copy is displayed in the Round House and Museum.

[Update, 11 February 2020: Many thanks to Lossie Freeman for identifying this young woman as Connie Frances Freeman Banks, daughter of O. Nestus and Willie Hendley Freeman.]


  1. Hi Lisa,

    Thank you for this amazing anthology of our history! Thank you!!!

    This lovely woman is the late Connie Francis Freeman Banks, Oliver Nestus Freeman’s daughter and mother of Mary Frances Tate. She lived in the family home as far as I remember when I was growing up in Wilson in the 1980’s-90’s.

    I am Lossie Freeman, daughter of Charles E. Freeman, Jr, and great great granddaughter of Julius and Pattie Freeman.

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