“I told them I wasn’t going no further east”: the life and times of Bessie Richardson.

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Wilson Daily Times, 16 October 1999.


In the 1900 census of Fishing Creek township, Granville County: farmer Henry Richardson, 60; mother Martha, 52; son Willie, 34; son Norval, 24; daughter[-in-law] Florence, 22; daughter Maggie, 18, and granddaughter Bessie, 2.

On 26 May 1917, Bessie Richardson, 21, daughter of Norman and Florence Richardson, married Hubert Jones in Petersburg, Virginia.

William R. Bowden, age illegible, of Wilson, married Bessie T. Jones, 34, of Wilson on 15 June 1926. Oscar Reid applied for the license, and J.W. Aiken, pastor of Tabernacle Baptist Church, performed the ceremony at Willie R. Bowden’s home in the presence of Ferdinand Faison, John Sanchas and John Lee Devaughan.

In the 1928 Wilson, N.C., city directory: Bowden Wm (c; Bessie) tailor 503 Church

In the 1947, Wilson, N.C., city directory: Richardson Bessie (c) 540 E Nash.

Willie Bowden died 5 March 1960 at his home at 203 Stantonsburg Street, Wilson. Per his death certificate, he was born 13 November 1901 to Mary Adams; was married to Bessie Bowden; and worked as a laborer. He was buried at William Chapel cemetery, Elm City.

On 2 July 1960, James Monroe Weathers, 41, of Granada, Mississippi, married Rosa R. Lupe, 53, of Wilson, in Wilson. Catholic priest John R. Ferris performed the ceremony in the presence of Bessie Richardson, Clarence Crawford, and Inez Watson.

Bessie Richardson died 20 January 2002 in Wilson.


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