“I’m the oldest? There’s got to be others.”

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Wilson Daily Times, 6 October 1992.

Stantonsburg honors town’s oldest resident

STANTONSBURG — Stantonsburg’s oldest resident celebrated her 100th birthday Friday.

Travis Street resident Ethyl Artis made her way to the town hall Friday to meet Mayor Seth P. Hunt Jr., who proclaimed Oct. 3 Ethyl Beckton Artis Day in Stantonsburg.

Residents held a large party at the town’s community building Saturday for Ms. Artis, who has been a resident of Stantonsburg for the last 70 years. She is a member of the Turner Swamp Primitive Baptist Church.

She worked in farming and raised three children.

Ms. Artis said she was surprised to be the town’s oldest resident. “I’m the oldest? There’s got to be others,” she told Hunt.

Her grandaughter-in-law, Annie Artis, drove her to the town hall and helped her inside. Although she depended on the aid of a walker, Ethyl Artis said she still got along pretty well.

“I feel pretty good sometimes, other times I don’t,” she said. “I thank the Lord” for my health.

Ms. Artis was one of nine children born to Phebe and William Beckton. She was born in Wayne County Oct. 2, 1892.  — B.D. Pedigo


Ethel Pearl Becton Artis was married to June Scott Artis; their children were Edgar Joel, James Broady, and Amanda Bell Artis. She passed away in 1994, just before her 102nd birthday.

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Funeral program in collection of Lisa Y. Henderson.

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