Snaps, no. 57: Jessie H. Cone.

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Jessie H. Cone and family.

In the 1920 census of Matoaca township, Chesterfield County, Virginia: farmer Jamison Cone, 34; wife Cornelia, 33; and children Sarah L., 12, Willie, 10, Randolph, 8, Jimmie L., 6, Mabel, 4, Elba S., 2, and Herman J., 2.

In the 1930 census of Matoaca township, Chesterfield County: on Reeder Branch Road, tobacco farmer Jimerson C. Cone, 43; wife Cornelia, 42; and children Willie, 20, Randolph, 18, Jimmie L. 17, Mabel, 15, Elba I., 13, Jessie H., 11, Charles W., 7, Dorothy M., 5, and Mary H., 11 months.

On 23 September 1939, Jesse Cone, 21, construction worker, born in Wilson, N.C. to Jamison and Cornelia Heggins Cone, married Dorothy Wilkinson, 19, born in Newark, New Jersey, to William Wilkinson and Annie Murray

In the 1940 census of Richmond, Virginia: at 512 South Randolph Street, rented for $10/month, Jesse H. Cone, 21, building construction laborer; wife Dorothy, 19; and daughter Shirley, 1 month.

Jessie Herman Cone registered for the World War II draft in Richmond, Virginia. Per his registration card, he was born 29 May 1917 in Wilson, North Carolina; lived in Richmond; his next-of-kin was Dorothy Cone; and he worked for E.I. DuPont.

Photos courtesy of user TeiaHarper1.

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