1. Wiley Ricks was my great uncle. My mother, Lizzie Bullock Williams’ mother’s brother. If I am not mistaken, there were three children, Maggie, Walter and Wiley. My mother thought so much of Uncle Wiley that she named my baby brother after him. I can’t recall their mother’s name but the last name was Ricks.
      It’s evident that your mother was either Agatha(?)or LayLove, correct? I remember your Aunt Marian who lived in the Raleigh area. Are you in the Chicago area??? One of the girls had a daughter in the Chicago area and I think someone was in the New York area. I would love to keep in touch via social media. I live in the Maryland area and I am Gloria Jean Williams Frost. gloria6231@hotmail.com
      I am on Facebook also as Gloria Frost. Always nice to catch up with family.

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