Where we worked: 1922 — E.

City directories offer fine-grained looks at a city’s residents at short intervals. The 1922 Hill’s Wilson, N.C., directory reveals the types of work available to African-Americans during the booming tobacco era. This post is the fifth in an alphabetical series listing all “colored” directory entries for whom an occupation was listed. The address is the resident’s home, unless a business address is noted.

  • Earl, David, millhand, 215 East Spruce
  • Earl, James, orderly, Moore-Herring Hospital, 27 Carolina
  • Eat More, The, soft drinks, Pender corner of East Green, Preston McCadden proprietor
  • Eatman, Arthur, tobacco worker, 711 East Green
  • Eatman, Fred, cook — Leonard C. Lewis
  • Eatman, Patsy, laundress, 711 East Green
  • Eddy, Evander, confectioner, 313 South, 410 South Bruton
  • Eddy, Lula, domestic, 410 South Bruton
  • Edmundson, Mack, carpenter, 308 North Reid
  • Edmundson, Necie, cook, 507 East Green
  • Edwards, Calvin S., plumber, 529 East Nash, (home) 518 East Nash
  • Edwards, Caroline, domestic, 215 Stantonsburg Road
  • Edwards, Frank, house mover, 303 East Jones
  • Edwards, Henry, tobacco worker, 402 South Goldsboro
  • Edwards, Mamie, domestic, 508 Stantonsburg Road
  • Edwards, Meta, domestic, 506 Grace
  • Edwards, Peter, laborer, 110 South Vick
  • Edwards, Silas, laborer, 507 Railroad
  • Elliott, William, janitor – City Hall, 110 Ashe
  • Ellis, Augustus, laborer, 526 South Lodge
  • Ellis, George W., janitor, 1101 Atlanta [Atlantic]
  • Ellis, James, tobacco worker, 509 East Green
  • Ellis, James B., concrete worker, 818 Mercer
  • Ellis, Mary, domestic, 705 East Nash
  • Ellis, Morris, barber, 316 South Spring
  • Ellis, Rachel, domestic, 202 West Lee
  • Ellis, Robert, tobacco worker, 801 East Nash
  • Ellis, Sallie, domestic, 408 East Bank[s]
  • Ellis, Windsor, laborer, 202 West Lee
  • Ennis, Henry, messenger, 405 North Pine
  • Ennis, Hennie, laundress, 405 North Pine
  • Evans, Charles, tobacco worker, 811 Robinson [Roberson]
  • Evans, Elizabeth, laundress, 709 East Green
  • Evans, Frank, waiter, 116 Pender
  • Evans, Joseph P., driver – Allen-Worley Furniture Company, Viola near Pender
  • Ezzell, Ira P., plasterer, 542 East Nash


Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 9.34.39 PM.png

  • Leonard C. Lewis operated a restaurant at 110 East Kenan Street.


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