Jane Mobley, a remarkable woman.

Wilson Daily Times, 1 June 1931. 


In the 1870 census of Stantonsburg township, Wilson County: Henry Rountree, 35, farm laborer; wife Patsey, 30; and children Jane, 15, Amos, 10, George, 8, Hannah, 6, Bettie, 4, and Margaret, 1.

In the 1880 census of Wilson, Wilson County: farm worker John Mobley, 35; wife Jane, 28; and children Rhoda, 9, Henrietta, 6, Jane, 5, Isaac, 4, and John H., 1.

On 9 March 1898, John Mobley Jr., 21, son of John and Jane Mobley, married Miss Julia Penn, 20, daughter of Lou Penn, in Wilson. Columbus Gay applied for the license, and Baptist minister W.T.H. Woodward performed the ceremony in the presence of W.H. Neal, Sallie Neal, and Lesley Mobley.

In the 1900 census of Wilson, Wilson County: John Mobley, 50, teamster; wife Jane, 46; and children Fannie, 12, Charlie, 13, farm laborer; Patience, 10; Henry, 9; Mary, 7; and James, 23, day laborer.

On 28 December 1904, Fannie Mobley, 19, daughter of John and Jane Mobley, married James M. Moses, 21, son of Carson and Alice Moses, in Wilson. Missionary Baptist minister Jeremiah Scarborough performed the ceremony at F.A. Woodard’s residence. [United States Congressman Frederick A. Woodard was the husband of Fannie Rountree Woodard, whose family had owned Jane Mobley’s.]

In the 1910 census of Wilson, Wilson County: on Nash Road, odd jobs laborer John Mobley, 53; wife Jane, 56, nurse; and nieces in law Mary Rountree, 16, nurse, and Patsy Whitehead, 7.

In the 1920 census of Wilson, Wilson County: at 120 Vance Street, farmer John Mobley, 64; wife Jane, 65; daughter Fannie Mobley, 23; and grandchildren Mary Jane, 7, and Alexander Mobley, 13.

Fannie Mobley, 29, daughter of John and Jane Mobley, married John Faulkland, 28, son of Philipp and Rachel Faulkland, on 2 December 1922. Free Will Baptist minister E.S. Hargrave performed the ceremony in the presence of J.W. Rite, Joseph Faulklin, and Boston Witingham.

John Mobley died 13 June 1923. Per his death certificate, he was about 60 years old; was born in Washington, North Carolina, to Javis and Harriet Mobley; was married to Jane Mobley; resided at West Lee Street; and had done masonry work. Informant was Fannie Faulkland, 200 West Lee Street.

In the 1930 census of Wilson, Wilson County: at 1001 Gold Street, Lamar H. Winstead, 38, book merchant; wife Anabel, 37; son William, 13; and servant Jane Mobly, 85.

Jane Mobley died 31 May 1931 in Wilson. Per her death certificate, she was about 92 years old; was born in Wilson County to Henry and Martha Rountree; was the widow of John Mobley; and lived at 320 Hackney Street. Informant was Fannie Mobley. [Based on her age in early census records, Jane Mobley was likely no older than her late 70s when she died. Also, contrary to her obituary, it is unlikely that she was born to an enslaved mother, but not herself enslaved.]




  1. Thank you for sharing a portion of Jane Mobley who is my 3grandma.According to family oral history she was never enslaved.She was an African Queen who arrived here at the tender age of 7.her surrogate parents were Henry and Martha/ Patsey Rountree who were enslaved by the Rountree family.Everything that that paper said about her is true.There is so much more about Moses Rountree family and Jane in our oral history which is supported by other documents.


    1. Hi Lisa after looking through family documents we found listed in the will of Nathan Rountree is that he had great concern for slaves Patsey, Jane ,Amos and Ginger.Also upon Jane Mobley death she was listed in the household of William instead whose wife were name executor of her estate.we know that Darden funeral home had her body but do not know where she is buried.oral history have several version1.windstead cemetary,Rountree, and several relatives said she was buried in a white folk cemetery by the rountree family.If u have any additional info or come across anything in relation to her or her husband John Mobley family please let me know, I graciously appreciate it.


  2. Hi Lisa in the 1880 census John B and Jane Mobley children were Rhode Henrietta James Isaac John H .James married Eliza Price.later to this union were Fannie, Charles, Mary and Patience.Thank u so much for sharing our history.


      1. Thanks, Carolyn. I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of your valuables in that terrible hurricane, and I’m glad you’re willing to share what you have. I can be reached at lisayhenderson at gmail dot com.


    1. Hi Lisa first thank you for the wonderful work that you do and I greatly appreciate you sharing info on my family. I would like to know if you cane across anymore info concerning Jane Mobley and the Rountree And Woodard family.My family want to hold to the tradition of oral history but reading the obituary,marriage records and census does not align with all of it.I need to know if you have any info such as wills,deeds ,letters etc concerning ” aunt Jane ” relationship eith the Woodard/Rountree family that u could share with me. ALSO a 3rd cuz shared a pic with me that she said was Rhode but another relative said it was Jane instead,I wanted to know if u could add it with the others, it includes Decendant Annie Barnes when she was younger and her brother Jessie Barnes

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’d love to do a follow-up post with this photo. Please email it to me at lisayhenderson at Gmail dot com. I will see if I can find anything to update the original post. Thanks!


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