Rountree Place.

Though undated, this plat likely was surveyed in the first decade of the 20th century. The grid is readily recognizable today, though the names of several interior streets have changed (or never received the planned names in the first place) and Wiggins Street was lost to the Hines Street Connector project in the early 1970s. Robeson, Manchester and Nash Streets follow the same paths today. East is largely the same, thought lost its tip at what is now Hines Street. Of the numbered streets, only Fourth remains. Second is the doglegged continuation of Vick Street, as Third is of Reid. Fifth Street was once renamed to continue Carroll, but now, running behind the Freeman Round House Museum, is Bill Myers Avenue.

The designation of the block between Manchester, Nash, East and Robeson as “Little Richmond” is puzzling, as that neighborhood is described as having been near the railroad tracks and the Richmond Maury stemmery. Maybe not though, as this notice clears makes reference to the lot marked above:

Wilson Daily Times, 1922.

Plat Book 78, pages 34-35, Register of Deeds Office, Wilson County Courthouse, Wilson; image of modern grid courtesy of


  1. This is interesting .. but I can’t follow any ownership or trade of the properties from this discussion .. is there a better reference to same .. or should I be doing this research mys÷lf ..?

    1. Not sure what you mean. Which properties? If you mean all the lots shown on the plat or, perhaps, the property from which the plat was surveyed, you’d need to do title searches at the Wilson County Register of Deeds office. The intent of the post is to show how the area known as East Wilson came together in the decades before and after the turn of the 20th century.

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