Snaps, no. 32: Charity Bullock Edwards.

Charity Bullock Edwards (1881-1950).

Charity Edwards lived most her life in Greene County, but she married and died in Wilson County, and many of her descendants reside there now. Edwards’ parents, John Bullock and Bettie Moore, married in Wilson County in 1875 and are listed there in Saratoga township in the 1880 census.

On 21 December 1899, Charity Bullock, 18, of Greene County, daughter of John and Bettie Bullock, married Stephen Edwards, 21, of Wilson County, son of Charles and Ella Edwards, in Moyeton, Stantonsburg township. Witnesses were Hattie Edwards, Con Bullock and Johny Fort of Moyeton.

In the 1900 census of Speights Bridge township, Greene County: in the household of Peter Joyner, step-daughter Charity Edwards, 25, and her husband Stephen, 21, a farm laborer.

In the 1910 census of Speights Bridge township, Greene County: farm laborer Stephen Edwards, 31; wife Charity, 29; and children Lonnie, 9, John H., 7, Charity, 4, William, 2, and Mary, 7 months.

In the 1920 census of Speights Bridge township, Greene County: farmer Stephen Edwards, 45; wife Shady, 35; and children Louzie, 13, Willie, 11, Marie, 9, Bettie, 6, Charlie, 4, Roscoe and Oscar, 3, Ida Belle, 2, and Lucy May, 4 months, plus sister Ettie Edwards, 23.

In the 1930 census of Carrs township, Greene County: farm laborer Charity Edwards, 43, widow; children Mary, 19, Bettie, 15, Charlie, 14, Lee and Sam, 13, Ida Bell, 11, Minnie, 7, Annie, 6, and Earnest, 5, and grandchildren Willie, 4, and Elmer Pender, 1.

In the 1940 census of Speights Bridge township, Greene County: Agustus Speight, 27; wife Lucy Mae, 20; and children Margaret Lee, 6, Agustus Jr., 4, and Willie, 1; widowed mother-in-law Charity Edwards, 50; and siblings-in-law Minnie Gray, 19, and Annie Ruth Edwards, 16; and nieces and nephews Odell and Adell, 3, and Johnnie Edwards, 1.

Charity Edwards died 20 December 1950 in Stantonsburg township, Wilson County. Per her death certificate, she was born in 1888 in Edgecombe County to John Bullock and Betty Moore and was widowed. Lena Dunston, Stantonsburg, was informant.

Photograph courtesy of the family history booklet, Our Heritage 1812-1996: Edwards, Evans, Woodard, published in 1996 and graciously shared by B.J. Woodard.


  1. I saw this post in the Wilson Times. This is my great grandmother. I would love to get more information on this picture and it’s entirety. I have just one other picture of her.

    1. Hi, Charlette! I don’t know where the original is. I photographed a copy that appears in the family reunion booklet referenced at the end of the post. I grew up in Wilson and knew some of her many descendants.

      1. Thank you I have been researching my family’s history. Her daughter the late Minnie Gray Edwards-Crowder was my mom’s, mother
        The last child of Charity passed away last December.

    2. Just found this post… Wow! Charity Bullock Edwards was my Great Aunt (my grandfather sister). I have been able to trace her parents (John S Bullock & Bettie Bullock) and her grandparents (Jerry & Martha) Bullock. But the trail ends there. Because of the general location of Jerry Bullock to Crumell Bullock, I feel they must be related… Maybe brothers or cousins.

      1. Hi, and thanks for posting. Bullock is a fairly common surname in southwestern/eastern Wilson County, so there’s a chance they were not related closely. Best of luck in your search!

    3. Hello She is my relative I am the 4th great granddaughter of Crumell Bullock and Dave Bullock is my great grandfather. I wojld love to connect with you.

  2. Hi Charlette and Lisa. Two of my great-great uncles, Nelson Armstrong/Mary Ann Bullock and Joshua Armstrong/Harriett Bulock of Wilson County, North Carolina were married to the daughters of Crumel Bullock. Just wondering if Charity Bullock Edwards was related to their wives. My great-grandfather and their brother was married to Agnes Bullock. Let me hear from you soon.

    1. I’m not aware of any relationship to Crumel Bullock. Bullock is a fairly common surname in southern Edgecombe County, which is where both Charity’s parents and Crumel Bullock originated.

      1. Thanks, Lisa. One of my cousins, Debra Jones, is working on publishing a family history book on the Armstrong family. She is almost done before sending it to the publisher. She found quite a bit of information on Crumel Bullock who she said lived well financially.

  3. Just remembered, Charlette, some Bynumsmigrated from Wilson to Lonoke County, AR and settled in the same community as my Armstrong grandparents. Some of the Bynums married into the Daniels family/my grandmother’s side. So I am related to some of them/Mildred Bynum Grant. Her mother married a Bynum.

    1. I definitely need to pull together a Lonoke post. (I had Wayne County NC Artis relatives who migrated there, too.) Bynum is another common Wilson/Edgecombe name.

  4. I was wondering could this Crum Bullock and Crumwell Bullock be the same person. Crumwell Bullock were from the same area and was a wealthy person who brought land on the Top of Fountain NC in Edgecombe co.The plaće were called and still is Bullock town, a small black community .My grandparenrs Willie Roberson and Annie Barnes among other black purchased plots there.Two relatives Mandy Bullock Owned a big house and a huge plots of land.Clen or Clint Bullock also. There is still The old Bullock Cemetary where Crumwell and his wife us buried.As of some years ago it was renamed the Hemby Cemetary by Hemby and Willoughby funera home.Bullock town was once called Slab town and is a part of Fountain history.Although the store and juke joint is long gone;The Sharps, Joyners ,Dickens ,Mercer ,Tafts and Cobbs that migrated out of Wilson and Edgecombe Co were other black that purchased land there and still remain to this day along with the old Bishop Mercer church.

    1. Crumwell Bullock’s name appears many ways: Cromwell, Crummel, Crum. As I recall, there also was more than one man with that name. I need to see what I can put together on his Wilson County heritage.

    2. Crumell and Cromell Bullock are the same person. However, Cromwell Bullock was his grandson…

      1. I am the grandson of Charity Bullock Edwards. I would love to have a copy your book. Could you provide more information.

  5. Wow! I am the Great Great Granddaughter of Charity Bullock Edwards. Lona Dunstons Great Grand and Lee Jessie Grand. Greatful for this post being able to share with my children.

    1. Charity Bullock Edwards was my great aunt. Her brother (John Smith Bullock) was my grandfather. I have completed extensive research on the Bullock family if you are interested… Please let me know.

      1. Charity Bullock Edward’s was my great grandmother (Minnie grey was my grandmother)
        I’d appreciate any information you may have. Especially since I was born in Tarboro, NC.
        My father’s side are Thigpen

      2. I have additional information on Charity Bullock Edwards…

      3. Hello She is my relative I am the 4th great granddaughter of Crumell Bullock and Dave Bullock is my great grandfather. I wojld love to connect with you.

    2. Hello She is my relative I am the 4th great granddaughter of Crumell Bullock and Dave Bullock is my great grandfather. I wojld love to connect with you.

  6. Hello She is my relative I am the 4th great granddaughter of Crumell Bullock and Dave Bullock is my great grandfather. I wojld love to connect with you.

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