Four killed at foggy crossing.

Pittsburgh Courier, 9 January 1943.

  • Minnie Horton — Minnie Taylor Horton was the daughter of Berry and Mamie Newsome Taylor and wife of Clinton Horton.

  • Zollie Brockton — Zollie Brockington was the son of John and Mary Sketters Brockington.

  • Johnny Barnes — Johnie Barnes was the son of James and Mozilla Barnes and husband of Ollie Barnes.

  • Lucille Clay — Lucille Clay was the daughter of Robert and Mary Artis Clay. She celebrated her 21st birthday less than two days before she was killed.

  • Clinton Horton — Clinton Horton, the sole survivor, recovered and apparently eventually left Wilson County. No death certificate is found for him there. Here, however, is his World War II draft registration card, filed in 1940, when he and Minnie Taylor Horton were likely newly married.

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