School attendance, 1913-14.

On 18 January 1915, the Wilson Times ran a piece by school superintendent Charles L Coon concerning recent school enrollment in the county. Coon set forth statistics for each of the county’s districts based on a census taken to enumerate all residents aged 6 to 21, which was, broadly, the age range for school pupils. Coon expressed some concern about the average daily attendance, citing 66% as a goal. “There are some 50 white children and 200 Negro children in the town of Wilson who ought to be in school and are not. In the county we have a similar condition. The irregularity of attendance, considering the short school term, makes the figures indicate that we are giving many of our children very meager educational opportunities.” (Note: Wilson County had only two high schools in this period, one in Wilson and the other serving the Lucama area. Neither admitted African-American children.)



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