Change racket.

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Pittsburgh Courier, 18 September 1937.


Ed Sheppard, 23, married Sealy Black, 25, in Greene County on 24 April 1924.

In the 1940 census of Wilson, Wilson County: at 806 Oil Mill Alley, Ed Sheppard, no age given; wife Celia, no age given, cook; sons Henry, 22, oil mill laborer, Junior, 13, Moses, 11, and Raymon, 7; and lodger Earnest Ross, 11.


      1. This is my grandmother’s uncle, her father’s brother. We are from Greene County. I was told this guy was a mess for no reason lol. He just conned his way through life and didn’t want to put in the hard work. I think one of my grandmother’s brothers looked up to him and picked up on his ways.

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