Class of ’37.

This photograph of Wilson Colored High School’s Class of 1937 also hangs in the hallway of the Darden Alumni Center.

A label listing the students’ names has been augmented where possible with birth and death dates and parents’ names, below.

  1. Charles Darden James (1914-1994, Randall R. and Elizabeth Darden James)
  2. Howard Monroe Fitts Jr. (1921, Howard M. and Elizabeth Plummer Fitts)
  3. Doris Louise Crooms Caldwell Robinson (1920-1992, Lloyd and Maggie Jones Crooms)
  4. Herman Oliver Marshall (1918-??, John and Annie Marshall)
  5. Delores Robbins Coleman (1920-2003, James D. and Louise Davis Robbins)
  6. Alice McCoy (1915-1983, Russell and Ometa Smith McCoy)
  7. Lucy Dawson Artice Moss (1922-1989, Jesse A. and Sophia Dawson Artice)
  8. Hennie Ennis Campbell (1920-2012, Samuel and Maggie Taylor Ennis)
  9. Hattie E. Ross McKeithan (1918-2008)
  10. Estelle Dew McNair (1917-2005, Ross and Ivory Taylor Dew)
  11. Catherine Joyner Foster
  12. Williard Jordan
  13. Primrose Carter (1914-1972, Willie E. and Henrietta Cooper Carter)
  14. Montez Colesse Hooker Boatman (1922-1990, Gray F. and Bettie Caddell Hooker)
  15. Celeste Hardy McClain
  16. William Nelson Knight (1916-2011, James H. and Ada Green Knight)
  17. Virginia Walden Wilson (Albert L. and Annie Moore Walden)
  18. Ernest D. Lassiter (1918-??, Jesse C. and Lessie Dew Lassiter)
  19. Jesse Fitzhugh Reid (1920-??)
  20. William Harry Howell (1921-2004, Harry B. and Annie Mae Thompson Howell)
  21. Evelyn Johnson Stone
  22. Alvis Ashley Hines (1918-1981, Ashley and Mattie Barnes Hines)
  23. Charles Futrell
  24. Henry Venson Whitehead (1918-2004, William and Nettie Bivins Whitehead)
  25. Arthur Lee Battle (1917-2007, William and Nora Williams Battle)
  26. Earl Edward Ennis (1917-1964, Samuel and Maggie Taylor Ennis)

Photograph courtesy of Darden Alumni Center, Wilson.


    1. Hello; I am the son of EARL EDWARD ENNIS; I’m Shaun ( Middle name:Freemen ).I can’t say more than this; however, if there are any relatives of Earl Ennis, Hennie Ennis and Freemen Ennis still alive ( As of April 18th 2022 ). “I Understand”
      I was raised by HENNIE ENNIS, in a very Loving home.
      EARL ENNIS:Birthday: March 11, 1917 (47)
      HENNIE ENNIS: Birthday: February 22, 1920 (92)
      FREEMEN ENNIS: Birthday Unknown
      SHAUN ENNIS: Birthday: April 25th 1962. (60).

  1. Hennie Ennis: 2/20/1920-5/10/2012
    sister to Earl Edward Ennis.
    I am Shaun Campbell son to Hennie and nefew to Earl.
    Hennie matriculated at Malcom-King college for her under graduate studies. And Fordham University (New York City), for her double Master’s degree in Theatre Arts and Psychology, 1977. Mother went on to work for Wilson-Major Morris Center as a Psychologist for senior citizens. In addition mother was an advocate for children, during the 1960s and 1970s. Mom, also worked for the Rederal Government, during the 1940s, The United Nations during the 1950s . In addition to singing popular music with two different bands, that toured France, during the 1940s.
    Mother. Mother always gave me hugs and kisses and always told me that she was proud of me. And that I, was the greatest thing that ever happened to her. Mother will always be missed and loved, throughout eternity.

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