Darden funeral home and bicycle shop.


Walter T. “Bud” Darden and Samuel H. and Annie Washington Vick‘s son, Daniel, also known as Bud, standing in front of Charles H. Darden & Son’s shop. In addition to providing funeral and undertaking services, the Dardens sold bicycles and Victor record players.

Image courtesy of City of Wilson Archives, reprinted in Wilson Daily Times, 15 February 2008.



  1. This is a gorgeous picture. However, you give three names but it is only two people. Who are the handsome, well dressed, men and what year was this picture taken?

    Thank you so much,

    Linda Tart

    1. Camillus Darden, left, and Bud Vick, right. They’re standing in front of Charles H. Darden & Son funeral parlor, owned by Camillus’ father. The photo is undated, but my guess is the mid-1910s.

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