Studio shots, no. 11: Winstead, father and son.


Ned Winstead, a Toisnot township farmer, was introduced here.


Bryant Joseph Winstead was the youngest child of Ned and Annie Edwards Winstead.

In the 1910 census of Toisnot, Wilson County: on State Highway, farmer Ned Winstead, 52, wife Annie, 47, and children Maggie, 18, Lizzie, 14, Daniel, 12, John, 9, Lee, 6, and Bryant, 4.

In the 1920 census of Toisnot, Wilson County: on State Highway, farmer Ned Winstead, 58, wife Annie, 50, and children Maggie, 23, John, 18, and Bryant, 13, plus granddaughter Annie Bell, 9.

On 7 November 1931, in Smithfield, North Carolina, Bryant Winstead, 26, son of Ned and Annie Winstead, resident of Elm City, married Eva Green, 24, daughter of Neverson and Isabella Green, resident of Wilson.

In the 1940 census of Wilson, Wilson County: at 200 North Pender Street (a large rooming house), tobacco factory worker Bryant Winstead, 35, wife Eva, 32, and daughter Delores, 12.

In 1940, Bryant Joseph Winstead registered in Wilson County for the World War II draft. Per his registration card, he was born 14 January 1905 in Elm City; resided at 305 North Carroll Street; worked for Export Tobacco Company in Wilson; and had a wife named Mrs. Addie Winstead.

Bryant J. Winstead died 31 January 1971 in Portsmouth, Virginia. Per his death certificate, he was born in Elm City, North Carolina, to Ned and Ann Edwards Winstead on 14 January 1905; resided in Portsmouth; was an auto operator at a naval hospital;and was married to Addie Lucas Winstead. He was buried at Lincoln Memorial Cemetery, Portsmouth.

Photographs courtesy of Lisa R.W. Sloan. Many thanks.


  1. Tragically we lost Deloris Norfleet Winstead, my grandmother who is mentioned in this article, earlier this year. I have many treasured memories of her and her father Bryant, my great-grandfather. I have more info regarding my Winstead ancestors, but am continuously researching to fill in gaps. Again, what a wonderful job of telling the history of Wilson and its Black residents. Thank you.

    P.S. I also have the organ Ned gave to his son Bryant as a wedding gift. And I am glad to see our family pictures used in a way to continue preserving our family legacy. By the way, my father is the ‘spitting-image’ of Ned – his great-grandfather.

    Lisa Winstead Sloan (on as ‘weezalini’)

  2. Would love to find more info on Edward ‘Ned’ Winstead – his parents, grandparents, siblings, birthplace… That 1850/1860 wall is tough to get through. If you come across any info, please contact me. It would be greatly appreciated.

    Again, respectfully,
    Lisa Winstead Sloan

  3. Lisa, my great-grandmother, Addie Lucas, mentioned above is the niece of ‘Alvin Howard’ whom you just did a piece on. His sister Etta and her husband Robert Lucas are Addie’s parents. – Lisa Winstead Sloan 🙂

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