Wootten & Stevens, pt. 9.

In 1977, the late Hugh B. Johnston abstracted a newly discovered volume of the records of Wootten and Stevens, the earliest undertaking firm in Wilson County. The result, Funeral Register of Wootten and Stevens, Undertakers of Wilson, North Carolina, November 18, 1896-June 27, 1899 is an unpublished manuscript held at Wilson County Public Library. This post is the ninth in a series abstracting the abstract for entries naming African-Americans.


  • Tate, William. Wilson. Colored. Died 1 May 1899, aged 27 years, of yellow chills. Husband of Mary Tate. Attended by Dr. Jones. Length 5’9″. Cost $10. Burial in Durham, North Carolina. (Page 456)
  • Taylor, Anthony. County Home. Colored. Died 1 May 1899, aged 75 years, of dropsy. Attended by Dr. Walton. Buried in county cemetery. Cost $2.25. Billed to Wilson County Poor House. (Page 457)
  • Taylor, Sarah. Wilson. Colored. Died 1 July 1897, aged 14 years, of consumption. Attended by Dr. Brothers. Length 5′. Bill to Jane Taylor. (Page 93)
  • Thomas, Nelly. Near Wilson. Colored. Died 3 May 1898, aged 38, in childbirth. “Died from Asthma.” Wife of Alford Thomas. Length 6′. Cost $10. Buried in Pittman cemetery. (Page 243)
  • Thompson, Arthur. Wilson. Colored. Died 12 May 1897, of cold and measles, aged 1 year 3 months. Son of Isaac Thompson. Attended by Dr. T. B. Person. Length 2’9″. Buried in Oak Dale cemetery. Cost $4. (Page 73)
  • Thorne, Edna. Wilson. Colored. Died December 1897, aged 50. “Run over and Killed by R.R. Train.” Length 5’9″. Cost $15. Billed to Annie Thorne. (Page 176)
  • Thorp, _____. Colored. Died 27 February 1897. Length 2’6″. Buried in colored cemetery. Cost $1.50. Billed to Edith Thorp. (Page 35)
  • Towe, _____. Wilson. Colored. Died 23 April 1899. Child of George W. Towe. Length 2’9″. Cost $8. Buried in colored cemetery. (Page 452)
  • Towe, Maggie I. Wilson. Colored. Died 15 April 1899, aged 39 years 4 months 18 days, in childbirth. Wife of Prof. G.W. Towe, a “teacher in the Col. Graded School.” Funeral in Methodist Church. Burial in colored cemetery. Cost $20. (Page 450)
  • Tucker, Mollie. Wilson. Colored. Died October 1897, aged 60 years. Length 5’6″. Order of Bob Allen. Cost $6. Billed to Richmond Maury & Co. (Page 155)
  • Uzzell, Joe. Poor House. Colored. Died 15 August 1897, aged 35 years. Length 5’9″. Buried in Poor House cemetery. Cost $2.25. Billed to Wilson County. (Page 120)
  • Vick, Hardy. Wilson township. Colored. Died 17 May 1898, aged 18 years, of childbirth. Attended by Dr. W.S. Anderson. Length 5’9″. Buried in John Y. Moore cemetery. Cost $2.50. (Page 252)
  • Vick, Viola Leroy. Wilson. Colored. Died 7 September 1897, of malarial fever, aged 2 years 10 months. Attended by Dr. Williams. Daughter of S.H. Vick. Length 3’6″. Buried in colored cemetery. Cost $11. (Page 132) [Update: Viola Vick’s headstone was recently discovered in Odd Fellows cemetery in the Vick family plot.]
  • Vines, Martha. Wilson Poor House. Colored. Died 9 January 1897, aged 25, of consumption. Attended by Dr. Nathan Anderson. Buried in Poor House cemetery. Cost $2.50. (Page 17)


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