“Have YOU got any mules to jerk?”

In which G.R. Jones shoots into a house and wounds four people after Patty Spell and her children curse him out.


Wilson Daily Times, 29 July 1910.


In the 1910 census of Wilson township, Wilson County: on Morton Road, widow Patsie Spells, 33, with children Lula, 19, Johnnie, 14, and Effie, 11. Next door: Daniel Geer, 75, wife Sarah, 66, and children Mary E., 29, Chas., 21, James, 20, Frank, 18, Floyd, 12, Cora, 11, Clarra, 9, Thomas, 6, and William, 5. [Sidenote: on Christmas Eve 1918, Effie Spell, 18, daughter of Hugh and Patsey Spell, married Ashley Simms, 22, son of Needham and Jane Simms, all of Wilson County. This is not the same Ashley Simms pictured in a previous post.]

Amos Hayes appears in the 1910 census of Wilson township as a 55 year-old white farmer. Doc Hilliard and G.R. Jones are not found.

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