1. Thank you for the interesting work you have applied. I have enjoyed it to the most and keep up the great work. My families history is in Wilson, Wayne, and Johnston Counties more like in the rural areas. Sometimes I run across how some families may relaties to each other. Thank Lisa

      1. My family the Alford and Chole Wiggs Exum son Oscar ( grandfather) married Luvicy Ann Artis daughter of Wiley and Charlotta Edmondson Artis. It is said that all Artis are related.

      2. If you go back far enough, they probably are all related, but we will never know exactly how. I did some research on Wiley Artis not too long ago — I’ll have to find it.

    1. Hi Cousin Velma! I am Kay Frances daughter Monica, granddaughter of Elizabeth, we met some years ago at our family reunion, I would love to see pictures of Grandpa Walters’s siblings if you have them.

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