Wootten & Stevens, pt. 6.

In 1977, the late Hugh B. Johnston abstracted a newly discovered volume of the records of Wootten and Stevens, the earliest undertaking firm in Wilson County. The result, Funeral Register of Wootten and Stevens, Undertakers of Wilson, North Carolina, November 18, 1896-June 27, 1899 is an unpublished manuscript held at Wilson County Public Library. This post is the sixth in a series abstracting the abstract for entries naming African-Americans.

  • Matthews, Tom.  Wilson. Colored. Shot 18 May 1899, age 37 years. Attended by Dr. C.E. Moore. Length 5’9″. Cost 4, billed to Town of Wilson. Buried in Colored Cemetery. “Killed by Policeman George Mumford in the discharge of his duty. Coroner’s Inquest gave the above verdict.” (Page 476)
  • Messick, James. Wilson. Colored. Died __ September 1898. Length 6′. Cost $7.50. The County Commissioners paid $2. (Page 338)
  • Mobley, _____. Wilson. Colored. Died 16 March 1899, of consumption. Father of Jane Mobley. Length 5’9″. Attended by Dr. Albert Anderson. Cost $10. Billed to John T. Williams. (Page 437)
  • Mobley, Isaac. Wilson. Colored. Died 4 March 1899, age 21 years, of consumption. Attended by Dr. N.B. Herring. Cost $11. Billed to F.A. Woodard. Buried Oak Dale cemetery. Cost $10. (Page 430)
  • Moore, _____. Wilson. Colored. Died 17 January 1898, age 1 day. Grandchild of Pennie Moore. Length 2’4″. Cost $3. (Page 197)
  • Moore, _____. Wilson. Colored. Died 23 July 1898. Wife of Andrew Moore. Length 5’6″. Cost $20. Burial at Colored Cemetery.  (Page 288)
  • Moore, _____. Wilson. Colored. Died 17 September 1898. Child of Henry Moore. Length 2’9″. Cost $15. Funeral at Methodist church. Burial at colored cemetery. (Page 313)
  • Moore, _____. Wilson. Colored. Died 17 September 1898, age 5 days. Length 2’. Buried at Oakdale cemetery. Cost $3. Billed to Pennie Moore. (Page 434)
  • Moore, Lelia. Wilson. Colored. Died 6 February 1897, age 3 months, of a severe cold. Length 2′. Buried at Oak Dale cemetery. Cost $3.50. Billed to Bryant Moore. (Page 31)
  • Newkirk, Fenner. Wilson. Colored. Died 18 July 1897, age 28 years, of brain fever. Attended by Dr. T.B. Person. Cost $6. Billed to Bettie Newkirk. Buried at Oak Dale Cemetery. (Page 103)
  • Nutall(?), _____. Wilson. Colored. Died __ July 1898. Length 5’9″. Cost $15. “Corpse was taken to Henderson, N. C., for burial.” (Page 291)
  • Parker, Harriet Jones. Wilson. Colored. Died 26 May 1898. Attended by Dr. N.B. Herring. Cost $10. Billed to Doane Herring. Burial at Oak Dale cemetery. (Page 260)
  • Parker, Nancy. Near Wilson. Colored. Died 19 March 1897, age 16 years, of measles and pneumonia. Length 5’9″. Attended by Dr. C.E. Moore. Buried at General Barnes cemetery. Cost $2.50. (Page 48)
  • Parker, Stanley. Wilson. Colored. Died 2 August 1898, age 65, of old age. Length 6′. Cost $2.25. Attended by Dr. T.B. Person. Funeral at home. Buried at Oak Dale cemetery. Billed to County Commissioners. (Page 294)
  • Parker, Susan. Wilson. Colored. Died 20 March 1897, age 20 years, of measles and pneumonia. Length 5’9″. Attended by Dr. C.E. Moore. Buried at General Barnes cemetery. Cost $2.50. Billed to Jack L. Ethridge. (Page 49)
  • Pender, _____. Near Wilson. Colored. Stillborn 2 April 1898 to Mr. and Mrs. Grey Pender. Attended by Dr. C.E. Moore. Cost $1.25. Billed to J.B. Farmer. (Page 223)
  • Pender, Jerry. Near Wilson. Colored. Died 27 November 1898, age 80 years, of old age. Length 6′. Cost $10. Attended by Dr. J.E. Brothers. Billed to Joshua B. Farmer by Grey Pender. Burial in Joshua B. Farmer cemetery. (Page 383)
  • Pleasants, George. Near Wilson. Colored. Died 24 May 1898, age 52 years. Length 6’2″. Cost $10. Billed to Sallie and Cora Farmer. Attended by Dr. T.B. Person. Buried at Simon Barnes cemetery. (Page 257)
  • Pitt, Antony. Gardners township. Colored. Died 26 March 1898 of “the effects of a blow.” Certified by County Coroner. Cost $2. Billed to County Commissioners. “Supposed to have been murdered.” (Page 221)

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