Tax sale.

Most of the delinquent taxpayers named in this notice were African-American. Late payment notwithstanding, the list gives an idea of the widespread property ownership among that group in the early 1900s, and clearly indicates Samuel H. Vick’s wealth. His back taxes totaled more than ten times the next highest sum.


Wilson Times, 1 May 1910.

Solomon Kittrell, William Mitchell, Lee A. Moore, Edmund McLean, Levi H. Peacock, B. Frank Barnes, George W. Barnes, Ned Barnes, Walter M. Foster, Charles H. Knight, Goodsey Holden, Nathan Hines, Walter S. Hines, Morris Hagans, Guilford Ellis, Daniel Gunn, Thomas Johnson, Samuel Gay, Argent Farmer, Edward Humphrey, Duncan Hargrave, William T. Hargrave, Levi H. Jones, John M. Barnes, William Barnes, William Austin, Short W. Barnes, William Bullock, Alexander Dawson, James G. Coppedge, John H. Clark, Peter Bynum, Archer Bynum, Pennie Bynum, James Bynum, Wright Bynum, Amos Bynum, Burt L. Bowser, Crockett Best, Wilson Best, Moses Bennett, Cora Beckwith, H.G. Barnes, Richard Renfrow, George Robertson, Charity Robbins, J. Wesley Rodgers, Olivia Simmons, James Simmons, Turner Stokes, Wyatt Studeway, Washington Sugg, Elijah L. Reid, Thomas G. Pitt, Amos Pender, A.J.C. Moore, Dorsey Williams, Samuel H. Vick, H. Michael Taylor, Walter Kersey, William Coley, Wiley Barefoot.


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