Free people of color, 1860: Kirby’s district.

Free people of color enumerated in Wilson County’s first federal census, taken in 1860.

Kirbys district

#226. Jesse Ayres, 7, mulatto, in the household of white farmer Lawrence Moore, 40.

#233. Willis Taylor, 45, mulatto, turpentine laborer; Nancy, 11, and Alice Rose, 7, both mulatto, in the household of Sarah Rose, 50, white.

#237. Patrick Taylor, 16, mulatto, wagoner, and Martha Taylor, 26, mulatto, domestic, in the household of white farmer John D. Adams, 32.

#239. William Taylor, 22, mulatto, turpentine laborer, Sallie, 30, mulatto, day laborer, Jane, 23, white(?), day laborer, and Elizabeth, 10, Martha, 8, Cilvira, 5, and George Taylor, 1, all mulatto. William claimed $40 in personal property.

#248. John Ward, 14, black, farm laborer, in the household of white farmer Kinchen Crumpler, 53.

#252. George Locus, 6, black, in the household of white farmer Joseph Boyett, 28.

#273. Litha H. Richardson, 22, mulatto, farm laborer, in the household of Asa Ward, 43.

#283. David Rose, 36, farmer, Axcy, 34, and children Ruffin, 10, and Theophilus, 13, plus Sallie Sasser, 67. All mulatto except Theophilus and Sallie. David claimed $232 personal property, $200 real property.

#284. Sallie Hawley, 75, Patsey, 35, day laborer, William, 17, turpentine laborer, Mary, 14, Cerenia, 10, Willey, 4, Saffira, 4, and John D. Hawley, 1. Sallie, Patsey and John described as mulatto; the others, white.

#305. Elizabeth Taylor, 42, farm laborer, Abia, 18, farm laborer, Bryant, 14, Jackson, 12, Kinchen, 10, and McDaniel, 7. Abia, Jackson, and Kinchen were described as mulatto.

#333. Martin Locus, 61, mulatto, farm laborer, in the household of white farmer Obedience Wells, 77.

#335. Asberry Blackwell, 45, turpentine laborer, Nancy, 30, farm laborer, Charity, 14, Drucilla, 9, Albert, 7, Appy, 7, Zilpha, 4 Obedience, 3, and Asberry, 2 months, all mulatto.


  1. hi,
    I am soooo excited I finally found information on my Taylor line through Willis Taylor.
    Thank you so much for researching this. I was always told I was of Indian heritage.
    I took a DNA test that said I was European, 4% African heritage. I just wanted to
    know my family history.

    Thank you,

    Linda Lucas Martin

      1. LIsa. I saw your other articles on the Ayers, Hawley, Taylor families. It did help me to understand that my family were Free People of Color. In the article “No Negro Blood Allowed”, I am directly related to Minnie Taylor Johnson, through Willis Taylor. Minnie and my grandmother were cousins, their mothers were sisters. I have pictures of Minnie and My Grandmother Viola Stancil Lucas on Ancestry. I am looking forward to more of your posts.

        Thanks again,

        Linda Lucas Martin

      2. So, your grandmother’s mother was Sylvia Hawley/Taylor’s sister? I would love to feature photos of this family if you are willing to share. I can be reached at lisayhenderson at gmail dot com. Best regards,


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