She did not reply.

R.S. Hall                                                                                                                     Kyle A. Davis


Funeral Home

Occoquan, Virginia

Board of Supervisors Prince William County, Gentlemen;

On July 20th, I was called to Quantico, by Dr. E. H. Marsteller to take charge of the remains of a Colored man that was killed by train on the night of July 19th. I was in touch with his Wife who lives in Wilson N. C. She wired me that she expected the Rail Road to pay the Funeral expenses. I at once got in touch with the Officials of the R. F. & P. R. R. and they wired that they would have nothing to do with the expense.

I arranged with the trustees of the Colored Cemetery here for space to bury him. After wiring his wife that the Railroad Company would not pay anything and she did not reply I buried him.

Respectfully yours, R. S. Hall         August 20th 1932

This letter was found in the Board of County Supervisor’s Loose Papers. Along with the letter was a bill of $18.50 from Hall and Davis Funeral Home for the burial of Willie Woodyard.


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