Report of vaccinations, no. 1.

In the winter of 1902, doctors in Wilson County commenced a vaccination campaign to counter the spread of smallpox across North Carolina. Physicians in the county were paid ten cents per resident inoculated and sent in lists of patients to justify their fees.

IW Lamm

Isaac Wilson Lamm, M.D. (1864-1939).


Office of Isaac W. Lamm, M.D., Practicing Physician

                                                            Lucama, N.C. Jan. 20, 1902

Dr. W.S. Anderson,

Wilson, N.C.

Dear Doctor: — I beg leave to make the following report of my vaccinations for the week ending Jan. 18, 1902.


[ …]



Frank Farmer, [gender designations omitted], 85

Lilly Hagans, 17

Frank Shaw, 15

Willie Allen, 10

Easter Dew, 48

Margaret Fields, 22

Louella Adams, 20

Nelly Adams, 17

Lossie Fields, 1 ½

Albert Fields, 3

Eliza Farmer, 46

Siddie Rice, 17

Savannah Rice, 12

Jessie Rice, 10

Ananias Rice, 15

J.A. Rice, 8

Joseph Taylor, 15

J.T. Renfrow, 15

Roscoe Kent, 16

Charley Kent, 12

Bud Kent, 10

Methuselah Kent, 12

Methuselah Creech, 12

Fred Kent, 14

Jesse James Pate, 11

Jack Privette, 11

Walter Newsome, 12

Tony Beckwith, 9

J.F. Thompson, 9

W.H. Bynum, 10

Lecy Dew, 22

Martha Dew, 24

Isaac N. Dew, 57

Edget Dew, 19

Herman Bynum, 12

Condary Adams, 13

Jesse Adams, 8

Yours fraternally,  Isaac W. Lamm


154 names       $15.40

Allowed   — GDG

Photo courtesy of user RooneyK at Miscellaneous Records, Wilson County Records, North Carolina State Archives.

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