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The Colored American, 28 December 1901.

Whitesboro, New Jersey, was founded about 1901 by the Equitable Industrial Association, whose prominent black American investors included poet Paul Laurence Dunbar, educator Booker T. Washington, Wilson educator and businessman Samuel H. Vick, and George Henry White, the leading investor and the town’s namesake. White, an attorney, had moved to Philadelphia after serving as the last black Republican congressman representing North Carolina’s 2nd congressional district. His realty company, advertised above, sold the land on which Whitesboro was developed to E.I.A. White and his fellow entrepreneurs wanted to create a self-reliant community for blacks, free from the discrimination they faced the southern states. Shares in the planned community were sold to African Americans from North and South Carolina and Virginia.

Whitesboro history adapted from “Whitesboro, New Jersey,”


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