Where did they go?: Pennsylvania death certificates, no. 2.

The second in a series — Pennsylvania death certificates for Wilson County natives:

  • Hubert Barefoot


In the 1910 census of Wilson, Wilson County, on Viola Street: 37 year-old oil mill laborer Wiley Barefoot, wife Maggie, 35, and children Linwood, 15, Mike, 14, Matha, 10, Essiemay, 3, Hubert, 4, and Angly B. Barefoot, 2. Maggie worked as a washerwoman, Linwood as a “prentice carpenter,” and Mike as an odd jobs laborer.

  • Michael Barefoot


Michael Barefoot was the brother of Hubert Barefoot, above. The death certificate of their father Wiley Barefoot, filed in 1952 in Wilson County, reveals their grandparents to have been Michael and Caroline Barnes Barefoot.

  • George Barnes


  • James A. Barnes


  • Julius Barnes



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