Tom and his brother Henry.

I do hereby revoke all former wills by me, at any time theretofore made, and do declare this to be my last Will and Testament:

I nominate and appoint as my executing and executors, my wife Eliza A. Ellison, and my friends David M. Carter and Stephen Dowty.

I give to my said executrix and executors all my estate, real and personal to them and the survivors and survivor of them for the purposes and trusts of this Will. I authorize and empower them, the survivors and survivor of them to make any contract, exchange, Sale, purchase, on to hire any slaves or rent any land, and to do and act as they may deem expedient to the interest of my estate.

I authorize them to continue the Turpentine business, in which I am now engaged with Mr William L. Kennedy with his consent: or if Mr Kennedy wishes the copartnership dissolved, I authorize them to continue the business of making and manufacturing turpentine, of they think it best for the interests of my estate.

After the payment of my debts, the profits of my estate shall be appropriated to the support of my family and the education of my children, and any surplus shall be invested by my executrix and executors, in such property as they see fit.

My family shall be kept together until my youngest child is twenty one years old, except such as may marry before that event, or until a division of my estate may become necessary by the death or marriage of my wife.

I give my wife all my furniture and household goods.

I give to my wife during her widowhood, or until my youngest child attains the age of twenty one years the use of all my estate for the maintenance and support of herself and family, and for the education of my children.

I give my son Henry, a negro boy named Tom, purchased by me from Isaiah Resfrep(?), to be delivered when Henry is twenty one years old – I give to my son William a negro boy named Henry, the brother of Tom, to be delivered when William is twenty one years old.

If either of my sons, Henry or William, die before the attain twenty one years, the bequest of these slaves shall go to the survivor, and if both die before that age, said slaves shall be divided as part of my estate.

At the date of this will, I have advanced my son Thomas H. Ellison Five Thousand dollars, to my daughter Sarah E. Myers twenty four hundred and sixty dollars, and to my daughter Virginia Bonner one thousand dollars. Witness my hand and seal the 28th of March A.D. 1861   Henry A. Ellison {seal}

Signed, sealed, published and declared in presence of /s/ Hy. Dimock, David R. Brooks

North Carolina Wills and Probate Records, 1665-1998 [database on-line],

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