The colored people prefer him.

“Names of prominent men residing in the several Election Districts of Wilson County NC with explanatory remarks”Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 6.45.33 PM

5. Israel Barden (col’d). Election district: Wilson. Age: 29. Occupation: Laborer. Where born: North Carolina. Resided in the County: Several months. Ever in U.S. Army or Navy: Never. Remarks: Is quite intelligent. Can read and write a little. Appears to be the most respected col’d man in that section. The colored people prefer him to anyone of their number.

6. Harry Jones (col’d). Election district: Wilson. Age: 52. Occupation: Shoemaker. Where born: Orange Co., N.C. Resided in the County: 2 yrs., 5 mos. Ever in U.S. Army or Navy: Never. Remarks: Cannot read or write. Quite intelligent but colored people seem to lack confidence in him.

7. John Darden (col’d). Election district: Wilson. Age: 35. Occupation: Laborer. Where born: Green Co, N.C. Resided in the County: 5 months. Ever in U.S. Army or Navy: 2 Yrs. in U.S.A. Remarks: Cannot read or write. Not very bright naturally. Won’t do.

North Carolina Freedmen’s Bureau Assistant Commissioner Records 1862-1870,

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