The last will and testament of Hardy Lassiter.

Hardy Lassiter’s will was proved at May Term, 1853, of Edgecombe County Court shortly after he died. Hardy’s will did not make provision for his wife Obedience “Bedie” Lassiter, and she sued for dower:

Hardy Laseter of the County of Edgecomb and State of N. Carolina now being of sound mind and memory, but considering the uncertainty of my earthly existence, do make and declare this my Last will and Testament in manner and form following – that is to Say –

First. I give and bequeath unto my son Silas Laseter all that tract of Land where he now Lives known by the name of the Tomlinson tract containing Eighty one acres more or less adjoining the Lands of Benj Sims and I Give and bequeath unto my Sons Mathew Green & Hardy Laseter all my Tract of Land whereon I now Live to be eaqually divided between them.  And it is my will and desire that the said Lands shall be divide in to three equeal Shears & for my son Hardy Laseter to have his shear whereon the House now stand, as the dowery part.  And I begive and bequeath unto my son Silas on sorrel mare by the name of Bony.  And I give unto my son Mathew one Sorril Horse Name Doctor I also give unto my son green one Sorrel Horse one bay mare by the name of bunch.  I Also give unto my daughter Treacy fifty dollars in money from the proceeds of my affects

And I give unto my Daughter Penny or her heirs fifty dollars from the proceeds of my affects. I also give unto my Daughter Sally Artice fifty Dollars out of the proceeds of my effects and I Also give unto my Daughter Rachel One feather bed & furniture the one Known as the bed I occupy my self.  And one cow by the name time. And thirty Dollars in Money from the proceeds of my affects.

I Also give unto my Little grand Daughter Elvey Laseter Ten Dollars of the proceeds of my affects And it is my will & desire that all my parishable property to be sold except what I have alredy mentioned in this my Last Will & Testament. And after each one of my Daughters Receiving the amts here set apart for them the Balance to be equally divided between my four Daughters & my Little grand Daughter Elvey according to each ones shear

And I do hereby Constitute and appoint my John W. Farmer my Lawful executor to all my intents and purposes to execute this my Last and Testament according to the true intent and meaning of this [illegible] and every part & Clause thereof, hereby revoking and declareing utterly void all other wills and Testament by men heretofor made in witness I hereto sit my hand and seal this day 9 October 1851. Test William Tomlinson, Josiah Farmer     Hardy X Laseter


This ad was placed during probate in an attempt to locate Hardy Lassiter’s daughter Sally Lassiter Artis.


Tarborough Southerner, 24 September 1853.


In the 1850 census of Edgecombe County: Hardy Laster, 73, wife Beady, 54, and children Mathew, 26, Silas, 26, Green, 25, Hardy, 21, and Rachel, 20; all described as mulatto. Hardy reported owning $650 of real property.

In 1860, Penny Lassiter headed a household in Gardners township, Wilson County, and Silas, Matthew and Green Lassiter headed households in Wilson township, Wilson County.

Wills, Edgecombe County Records, North Carolina State Archives.


      1. Yes. It would appear that her uncle was my 2nd great grandfather.
        I match with Mrs. Beane as a 3rd cousin, and my aunt matches with her as a 2nd -3rd cousin

      1. No. My cousins are descended from Hardy Lassiter > Silas Lassiter > Millie Ann Lassiter Knight > Jesse Lassiter > Mildred Lassiter Sherrod. Do you have Angeliam20 in your matches?

  1. I don’t have her in my matches, right now my primary search indicates Hardy Lassiter is my 5th great grandfather. Hardy Lassiter > Silas Lassiter > Mary A Lassiter >Dempsey H. Powell > Helen Powell Harris > Wanda Harris Martin

    1. Silas Lassiter us my Great Great Great Grandfathet please check to see if I’m a match to you- Thelma Simmons Owens

  2. You have quite a wealth of information in Wilson, NC. I’ve recently discovered I’m a descendant of the Free people of North Carolina, are there other archives that someone out of state could research? I would love to know more of the family history, see family photos and speak with other Lassiter/Powell descendants.

    1. Hi. No, there’s no archive curated for material re free people of color. I maintain another blog,, but any Wilson material that’s there is posted here, too. My cousin is an avid Lassiter researcher, and I can connect you with her if you’d like.

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