Lane Street Project: more photos of Vick Cemetery’s edges.

More photos from Vick Cemetery after New South Associates marked graves last week.


First, a close-up of the markers at the base of one of the power poles. Should the poles be moved? Should the graves under the power lines and/or inside the public right-of-way be disinterred and reburied in Rest Haven? Should DNA testing be done on any remains found to determine who they (or their closest kin) are?

(By the way, these power poles distribute electricity from Wilson Energy’s Substation #2, which was built circa 1964. We can assume the original power poles were set at that time. These steel poles are upgrades.)

The same pole, a few feet back. The thick, dark green patches of grass generally indicate an underlying grave; several are visible, unmarked, in the right-of-way between the poles and the ditch.

A clear view of the anchor rods for the four guy wires for Pole 2 and of the random pine that has been allowed to grow up in the cemetery. Below the photo, I’ve inserted a generic diagram of what’s likely below the surface. I think it’s safe to say that each of these anchor rods and their attached anchors have destroyed graves.


Detail from Wood Pole Guys and Setting Depths, Michigan Department of Transportation, Bureau of Highways Delivery Standard Plan.

The next two photos show graves crossing the western edge of the cemetery into property owned by Wilson Farm Properties LLC (“the Wright Farm”). Though none was formerly filed, an easement for natural gas pipeline runs along the farm side of the boundary. Generally, natural gas lines are only a few feet deep, and these may lie atop graves. This area should be surveyed via ground-penetrating radar.

Below, the back west corner, where Wright Farm wraps around Vick Cemetery. This orange-painted block is outside the Vick boundary among young soybean plants.

The western section of the back boundary, which is covered by a low growth of sweetgum saplings, dog fennel, and other woody weeds. This strip was not surveyed by GPR.

Thanks to B.S. and C.H. for these photos.

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