Happy Easter!

My sister, me, and my cousins, Newport News, Virginia, circa 1970.

My mother grew up in Newport News, Virginia, and Easter often found us at my grandmother’s house and their family church, Saint Paul A.M.E.

Little did I know that on our drives from Wilson to Tidewater, we were traveling a reverse migration route. Hundreds of Wilson County family were drawn to the docks and shipyards of Newport News and Norfolk or the lumber mills of Suffolk in the early to mid-twentieth century. In fact, my mother’s childhood best friend had Wilson County roots.

Wishing all who observe a Happy Resurrection Sunday!


  1. Aww.. what a sweet pic of you..your sister and cousin’s Lisa. Happy Easter..and Happy Resurrection Sunday to you as well.
    The info you shared is very interesting to me as I found out via Ancestry.com that my dad Frank Pitt..a Wilsonian was in the military and worked on ship’s..and that prior to him moving to New York meeting my mother and marrying her.. he’d married a woman in Norfolk Va name Clydice Caldwell in 1930. (I found the marriage certificate on Ancestry.com)This was all new information to me as he’d never mentioned it to me) I would love to meet any members of her family. 🙂

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