A Haskins family portrait.

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Wilson Daily Times, 2 July 1976.

“Large families helped to till the soil in bygone days. The family of “Damp” Haskins, who worked for the late P.L. Woodard and others who farmed in the Black Creek area, is shown above. Damp worked for U.H. Cozart, H.G. Whitehead, and P.L. Woodard in tobacco and with Tom Washington in his livery stable. He gained a bit of fame for his skill as a dog caller in the hunting season, using the long, curved bone horn he carved from a steer horn. Sole survivor of this picture is Annie Haskins Jurgens, now living in a rest home in Enfield. Grandchildren living in Wilson are Robert D. Haskins, Elizabeth Haskins Batts, Damp Haskins III, Alice Haskins Shipman, Gail Haskins Diggens, Hester Pierce Davis, Susie Gray Haskins Davis, and James Thomas Haskins.”

[It may be true that Damp Haskins, his wife, and all but one their children were deceased by mid-1976, but this photo appears to include grandchildren as well.]


Demp Haskins, 23, married Hester Sharp, 19, on 11 February 1876 in #10 Township, Edgecombe County.

In the 1880 census of Lower Town Creek township, Edgecombe County, North Carolina: laborer Damp Haskins, 28, and wife Hester, 20.

In the 1900 census of Wilson, Wilson County: farm laborer Damp Haskins; wife Hester, 43; and children Dora, 24, Martha, 19, Lossie, 18, Robert, 16, William, 15, James, 13, Lesley, 10, John, 9, Norma, 7, Earnest, 4, and Damp, 1.

In the 1910 census of Wilson, WIlson County: on “N&S RR,” farmer Damp Haskins, 60; wife Stella, 52, servant; children Martha, 23, cook, James, 18, wagon factory laborer, Lessie, 16, lumber mill laborer, John, 15, lumber mill laborer, Annie, 8, Earnest, 7, and Damp, 3; plus grandsons Simeon, 15, retail grocery laborer, and Ambrose Hoskins, 7.

Damp Haskins died 22 April 1915 in Wilson. Per his death certificate, he was 64 years old; was born to Charles Haskins and an unknown mother; and had been a farmer. William Haskins was informant.

John Haskins died 7 April 1915 in Wilson township. Per his death certificate, he was 19 years old; married; had no occupation; and was the son of Damp Haskins and Steller Sharp. William Haskins was informant.

In the 1920 census of Wilson, Wilson County: on Warren Street, Hester Haskins, 56; and children Estella, 18, Annie, 22, Martha, 36, Ernest, 21, Ambroga, 17, Damp, 12, and [grandson] Joseph, 8.

On 4 November 1925, Hester Haskins, 70, married Charles Barnes, 74, in Wilson.

Lossie Pierce died 15 April 1940 at Mercy Hospital, Wilson. Per her death certificate, she was 55 years old; was born in Edgecombe County to Damp Haskins and Hester Sharp; was married to Andrew Pierce; and lived at 707 East Vance Street. Robert Haskins was informant.

Damp Haskins [Jr.] died 30 September 1945 at Eastern North Carolina Sanitarium in Wilson. Per his death certificate, he was born 24 December 1909 in Wilson to Damp Haskins and Hester Sharp and was married to Sudie Bell Haskins.

Hester Haskins Barnes died 31 August 1931 in Wilson. Per her death certificate, she was born in 1857 in Edgecombe County to Henry Sharp and Dianah Pitts; was married to Charles Barnes; and lived at 1105 Atlantic Street. Martha Pitts was informant.

Robert D. Haskins died 11 December 1966 in WIlson. Per his death certificate, he was born 15 June 1885 in Edgecombe County to Damp Haskins and Hester Sharp; was married to Gertrude Haskins; and lived at 1300 Atlantic Street.

Ernest Haskins died 27 June 1975 in Wilson. Per his death certificate, he was born 10 June 1900 to Damp Haskins; was a widower; and worked as a construction worker. Susie Gray Edwards was informant.


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