The last will and testament of William Barnes (1847).

William Barnes owned land on both sides of Black Creek and on Robin Swamp, Juniper Branch and White Oak Swamp in what is now Wilson County, but was Wayne County during his lifetime. His will, drafted in 1847, included these bequests:

  • to wife [Celia Pope Barnes], his land and house and a life estate in two negroes, Dennis and James
  • to the heirs of daughter Mary Newsom, a woman named Cansey
  • to daughter Christian Ferrell, a life estate in a woman named Tempy
  • t0 son Rufus Barnes, Matilda and Zilpha
  • to son Stephen Barnes, Hester and Mary
  • t0 daughter Mellesant Barnes, a life estate in a girl named Lusa
  • to daughter Elizabeth Barnes, Chane and Wille
  • t0 granddaughter Patsey Barnes (daughter of Simon Barnes), Hanner, Mary and Sil
  • to son Enos Barnes, Vice and Henery
  • Dennis and James were to be sold after Celia Pope Barnes’ death or remarriage, and the proceeds from such sale were to be divided among Barnes’ heirs, except Joseph Barnes, Jesse Boswell, and William Pope.

Barnes died in 1851.

In the 1860 census of Black Creek district, Wilson County: Enos Barnes, 23, farmer; wife Elizabeth, 23; son William, 4; and mother Celia, 60. Enos claimed a personal estate valued at $2843; Celia, $1875. In the 1860 slave schedule of Wilson County, Celia Barnes claimed two men, ages 53 and 28. Enos Barnes claimed an 18 year-old woman and a 15 year-old boy.

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