Death by jumping off the gravel train.

July 14th 1873 Inqust over Moses Durden. H.W. Peele, Coroner

State of North Carolina, Wilson County }

Be it remembered that on the 14th day of July 1873 H.W. Peele Coroner of Said County attended by a Jury of good and lawful Men (viz ) H.G. Whithead, T.D. Gay, B.J. Cobb, S.E. Spier, J. weil, A. Farmer, D.L. Hardy, H.E. Benton, J.B. Lancaster, N.C. Christmas, W.H. Farmer, A.J. Simms, by me Summoned for that purpose according to Law, after being by me duly Sworn and empaneled at Robt. Taylor’s Gin House in the Town of Wilson N.C. did hold an inquest over the dead body of Moses Darden col. and after enquiring into the facts and circumstances of the death of the deceased from a view of the corpse and all the testimony to be procured, the Jury find as follows, that is to Say, That the Deceased Moses Darden col. Came to his Death, by jumping off the Gravel Train, commanded by Capt. H.A. Bland, Jos. Sillis, Engineer, whilst in Motion near the Crossing of Nash St., Town of Wilson, Wilson Co. /s/ D.L. Hardy, H.E. Benton, J.B. Lancaster, M.H. Farmer, A.J. Simms, H.G. Whitehead Foreman, T.D. Gay, B.J. Cobb, S.E. Spier, J. Weil, A. Farmer.

Witness for State

Chas. Haines, being duly sworn, says that he saw deceased first sitting on the end of the Car, alive, & that within 5 or 6 minutes, he saw his Dead Body. /s/ Chs. (X) Haines

Henry Graham, being duly sworn, says, he saw Deceased first sitting on the end of the car & he called him saying he wanted to see him, and after getting to where he was 5 minutes afterward saw his Dead Body. /s/ Henry (X) Graham

Alex Martin being duly sworn says he pulled a splinter of Iron off a rail out of his face. /s/ Alex (X) Martin

Chas. Rountree being duly sworn says, he was standing looking at the Train when it passed, saw Deceased making preparation to jump off no one near him in a few minutes he heard there was a man killed Hastening to the spot he found the same man Dead. /s/ Chs. (X) Rountree

Coroner’s Records, Miscellaneous Records, Wilson County Records, North Carolina State Archives.


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