Young boy taken in.

A Google search turned up this photo on a family reunion website,

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 7.44.07 AM

According to the site, the boy encircled was Jim Batey, “a young boy who was picked up in Wilson, N.C., and taken in by the Stancil family.” The photograph was taken at a Stancil family reunion in 1902. (The reunion still meets annually.) Per, “Missouri and Sam [Samuel and Mary Missouri Howell Stancil] were at the first Reunion. Missouri was unhappy, that in the large group photo, Sam stood next to the Negro boy, Jim Batey.”

In a Public Member Story at, I found this mention of Jim posted by member “cathyabrams”:  “George [Stancil] needed a farm hand. George and Alvin [Stancil] bought a farm, the Haywood Hales’ Place together. Alvin, George, Eva, Effie, Emmette and Ashley [Stancil] moved in about 1904. This farm was large enough for Alvin and George and one tenant. Years earlier, Alvin had taken an orphan Negro boy, Jim Batey, to his parents’ home. Now that Alvin was living with George and Eva, he brought Jim over to help work. The two extra hands were important in a day when so much manual labor was necessary.”  

Beyond this, I have found no record of the orphan (or not) Jim Batey in Wilson or Johnston County records, including the 1900 census, when he was presumably living with the Stancils.

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