Lane Street Project: “linear anomalies.”

The power poles are not the only utilities in Vick Cemetery.

New South Associates’ GPR report revealed three “linear anomalies” that they interpreted as utility lines. Two of them appear to postdate the 1994 grading of the cemetery and disturbed multiple graves during construction. What in the world are they?

Utility Lines 1 and 2 are marked below. (New South believes Line 3, the pink T-shape off the green path, dates to the period the cemetery was active. It does not cross graves.)

Per Wilson County GIS information, “soil and water drainage tiles” run under the southwest quadrant of Vick Cemetery. It is not clear if this is what GPR detected. It would seem an odd location for drainage infrastructure as this is a relatively high, flat section of the site. If they are drainage lines, who placed them and when? I’ll seek more information from Wilson County Soil and Water Conservation District.

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