Lane Street Project: the latest public records request.

Last week’s release of the Vick Cemetery ground-penetrating radar report came as the result of a request I made per North Carolina’s public records act. Public money funded the report; citizens have a right to know what’s in it.

Yesterday, I followed up with a second request, whose text I set out below. The City acknowledged its receipt today; I’ll keep you posted.


On April 11, 2023, I requested:
For the period from March 1, 2022, to the present, I hereby request copies of all documents, including but not limited to, city council minutes, correspondence, proposals, contracts, invoices, reports, maps, surveys, and photographs, related to New South Associates and a ground-penetrating radar survey of Vick Cemetery.
In response, I received a copy of a contract and a report marked “September 7, 2022-Draft Report.” I did not receive copies of correspondence or any other documents.
I hereby reiterate, clarify, and expand my request to include all documents showing or constituting:
(1) correspondence among representatives, employees or agents of the City of Wilson, its divisions or departments, and between such representatives and New South Associates (NSA), including, but not limited to documents showing (a) the date(s) the City of Wilson received NSA’s report(s) on the ground-penetrating radar survey of Vick Cemetery, (b) who received NSA’s report on behalf of the City of Wilson, and (c) dates and to whom the report was distributed after receipt, 
(2) any and all discussion of NSA’s report by representatives, employees or agents of the City of Wilson, including but not limited to emails, memoranda, notes, minutes, letters, voicemail messages, and instant messages, 
(3) the final version of the report NSA submitted to the City of Wilson,
(4) deeds, maps or other charts showing the ownership of and grant of an easement for utility poles placed along the southwest side of Bishop L.N. Forbes Street (formerly Lane Street), including documents showing when said easement was granted,
(5) correspondence, notes, minutes, requests, approvals or court orders relating to the establishment of said utility easement,
(6) surveys, assessments, reports, public notices, correspondence, and other documents concerning establishment of said utility easement within the boundaries of a cemetery
I am willing to pay reasonable costs for the reproduction and mailing of such documents if they are not available digitally. Thank you.


  1. I cannot express strongly enough the sheer indignity that report displays.. That city, and whoever is still around from the 1960’s should be ashamed of themselves. What gives ANY entity OR individual the right to remove grave markers just because they feel like it?? Over 4.000+ bodies that are known, never mind the “ones” not found or accounted for.. I hope a judge (federal) makes them reinter every last one of those bodies with a marker, and of course no family pays for any f**king thing either…

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