Lane Street Project: spring has come.

I confess to some shock. Spring is relentless in eastern North Carolina; April is the scene of boundless vegetal fecundity. The green took my breath away.

Odd Fellows is fighting back.

The boundary between Rountree and Odd Fellows cemeteries.

The winter’s hard work is not undone, however. Though new sprigs of wisteria sprout from the stubs of vines, young trees have been thinned out, and the forbidding leading edge of solid woodland has retreated a few dozen yards. We are likely to halt organized clean-ups during the summer in order to avoid some of the hazards of wild woods and to focus on several related projects. Thus, your help in the next few weeks is even more critical to maintaining the progress we have made. Please join us April 24!

Henry Tart’s headstone, which was nearly invisible from just a few feet away just months ago, is now readily seen from the¬†woodline.

If you or your group were not able to join the Lane Street Project this past winter, I hope you will make plans to do so in 2021-22. Many hands make light work, and our ancestors need you.


  1. Henry Tart, was my great uncle. He was an older brother, of my Grandfather, Arthur Tart. They both got married within 2 weeks of each other, in Harnett NC, in December of 1911. Arthur, married a woman named Carou (?) Bass, Henry, married a woman named Julia Clark. John Tart, their father, signed both of their marriage licenses. All 3 of them resided in Wilson, NC in 1917. Their names are in the Wilson Directory.

    Linda Tart

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