A conversation.

Last night, I spent an hour on Facebook Live in conversation with Amelia Rivera Speight and Craig Barnes Jr. of Change Coalition of Wilson. At the end, I was both full and spent and above all grateful for the opportunity to talk about what Say Their Names means to me. With Change Coalition’s permission, I share video of our discussion here.

Imagination Station is still closed, but Change Coalition plans to lead more private tours of Say Their Names in coming months. You can also contact director Jennifer Baker Byrd at the museum to arrange a visit. Please see it for yourself. Also, please join The Change Coalition on Facebook and support their efforts to dismantle systemic barriers to equality and promote justice and opportunity for all Wilson’s people.


  1. As a person born in Wilson (1952) but having left in 1970, I am past elated to have become acquainted with Atty. Henderson and her gigantic work of the ancestry of our people. She is a blessing to the legacy and posterity of a glorious but unknown history. For such history to be revealed about the streets that I walked as child in East Wilson for 17 years is a rebirth to my soul. Thank you Atty. Henderson and may God bless your every breath. You are brilliant and a gift from the ancestry. Please contact me by email. I will be so honored.


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