1. I attended St. Alphonsus School. That looks like one of our teachers – Oblate Sisters of Providence.
    Great memories!

  2. Even thoughI’m from Greene County, I so enjoy your blog & all other form of documentation of the history of the African Ameicans of Wilson County.I still haven’t located your documents of Theodore”Ted” Hooker yet.He was my relative & dtill have Hooker family members in Greene County.You had mentioned Ted & your dad were friends.In addition, I was wondering if you had any information on Mrs.Eurnice Flemings of Wilson. I do not recall her maiden name & her father was a minister.She had a daughter named Gail.Mrs.Flemings taught music at South Greene High School, Snow Hill, NC for several years in the 60s.

    1. Hi, Michelle! No posts re my uncle’s pal Ted Hooker, but I do have several re his Farmer family. My cut-off date for documents is 1949, which, I think pre-dates his radio career. I’m not familiar with Eunice Fleming. (My mother taught at North Greene in the early ‘60s.)

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