Wootten & Stevens, pt. 10.


Wilson Mirror, 21 December 1887.

In 1977, the late Hugh B. Johnston abstracted a newly discovered volume of the records of Wootten and Stevens, the earliest undertaking firm in Wilson County. The result, Funeral Register of Wootten and Stevens, Undertakers of Wilson, North Carolina, November 18, 1896-June 27, 1899 is an unpublished manuscript held at Wilson County Public Library. This post is the tenth and last in a series abstracting the abstract for entries naming African-Americans.


  • Whitley, Moss. Poor House. Colored. Died 18 September 1898, “dropped dead.” Length 6′. Cost $2.25, billed to Wilson County by order of R.S. Clark. (Page 335)
  • Wilkins, Mary. Wilson. Colored. Died 27 March 1899, age 43, of “internal tumor.” “Mary was wife of Redmond Wilkins, was in bad health for a long time, was a good woman.” Length 5’6″. Billed to Col. Mason. Buried in colored cemetery. (Page 442)
  • Willaford, Binder. Poor House. Colored. Died 22 December 1897, age 60. Attended by county physician. Length 5’9″. Burial in county cemetery. Cost $2.25, billed to county commissioners. (Page 190)
  • Williams, Lucy. Poor House. Colored. Died 18 November 1897, age 75 years, of “Bowell Consumption.” Attended by Dr. T.B. Person. Buried in county cemetery. Cost $2, billed to Wilson County. (Page 167)
  • Williams, Wesley. Nash County. Colored. Died 31 May 1899, age 30 years, of consumption. Attended by Dr. Saunders. Length 6’3″. Buried in Barden Williams cemetery. Cost $15, billed to Iredell J. Williams. (Page 478)
  • Williamson, Jack. Colored. Died 23 June 1899. Length 5’9″. Cost $15, billed to Jean Williamson. Buried in Garry Williamson cemetery. (Page 493)
  • Woodard, Aaron. Gardner’s township. Colored. Died 6 May 1897, of kidney disease, age 22 years. Attended by Dr. T.B. Person. Length 5’9″. Buried in William Woodard cemetery. Cost $8, billed to W. Woodard Jr. (Page 70)
  • Woodard, Fanny. Wilson township. Colored. Died 31 July 1897, age 23, burned to death. Length 5’6″. Buried in Penny Woodard cemetery. Cost $6. (Page 110)
  • Woodard, John. Wilson township. Colored. Died 4 April 1898, age 16, of lung trouble. Attended by Dr. Anderson. Length 5’9″. Buried in John Barnes cemetery. Cost $10. (Page 226)
  • Woodard, Josephine. Taylor’s township. Colored. Died 10 January 1899, age 23 of pneumonia. Attended by Dr. Albert Anderson. Daughter of Alford Woodard. Cost $15. Billed to Mount Hebron Lodge No. 42, through Orren Best. Buried in Hilliard Ellis cemetery. (Page 403)
  • Wootten, W. Wilson. Colored. Died 6 May 1898, age 5 months. Cost $3.75, billed to Benjamin Wootten. (Page 249)


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